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He entered the party on horseback, not thinking about the possible tragedy.  The jury of “The Voice” caused a scandal

He entered the party on horseback, not thinking about the possible tragedy. The jury of “The Voice” caused a scandal

The former coach of the American edition of “The Voice” wanted to become the king of the event at the expense of an innocent animal. He rode into a room full of people, music, and flickering lights on horseback. There was hardly a tragedy.

Cee Lo Green, actually Thomas DeCarlo Callaway is a singer and rapper who formed the duo Gnarls Barkley known for the song “Crazy” with producer Danger Mouse. In the years 2011-2013, the artist was a trainer in the American version of “The Voice”. He left the show after four seasons.

The former coach of “The Voice” caused a scandal. He rode into the party on horseback

The well-known rapper took part in an event dedicated to the late colleague from the industry – Shawty Lo. The star wanted to ensure a spectacular entrance to the event, so he entered the room on horseback. The animal was terrified of the crowd, the noise, and the flickering lights. When the staff tried to calm them down, an accident occurred.

The frightened horse jerked at the reins, and his legs slid on the tiles in the room where the party was taking place. No wonder that the stressed animal was unable to keep balance and at one point threw the rapper off his back. Fortunately, there were no physical casualties. Undoubtedly, however, the horse that experienced the trauma suffered.

The recording of the event quickly went viral and was commented on by indignant viewers. The rapper was criticized for a lack of responsibility and stress exposure not only to an innocent animal, but also to the danger of other participants of the event. PETA also commented on CeeLo’s scandalous behavior.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that a noisy, crowded party with slippery floors and strobe lights is no place for a horse. All this can upset a defenseless animal. If CeeLo hit his head while falling, we hope that the fall will activate some sense and compassion in him.

PETA hopes that no one will follow in the footsteps of the rapper, and that everyone will be guided by common sense, kindness and peace of animals in their decisions.

The star also commented on the incident, but he does not feel guilty about what happened. Cee Lo ensured that he took all measures prior to the event to ensure everyone’s safety at the event. The rapper did not apologize for the behavior, he stated that “it came out as it came out”. He also added that no one was hurt.

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