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This dog had the longest ears in the world.  To date, no one has broken his record.  “Yoda would be jealous”

This dog had the longest ears in the world. To date, no one has broken his record. “Yoda would be jealous”

Tigger is a bloodhound dog from Illinois, which entered the Guinness Book of Records as the dog with the longest ears. Bloodhounds are hounds, and their long ears are supposed to help them pick up scent.

Tigger died in 2009 and has been listed in the record books since September 29, 2004 as having the longest ears. So far, only a hound named Harbor from Colorado has approached the record. How big were Tigger’s ears?

This dog has the biggest ears in the world. He was entered in the Guinness Book of Records

Tigger’s ears resemble two huge lobes. They measure 34.9 cm and 34.2 cm. belonged to Christina Flessner of Illinois and won 180 exhibition awards in addition to the Guinness World Record. Bloodhounds are large hound dogs, and their weight can reach up to 55 kilograms. They have an excellent sense of smell. In the past, they tracked game by traces, today, due to their sense of smell, they are willingly used as police dogs and rescue dogs. They are calm and controlled animals with a strong tubular voice.

They have a strong hunting instinct, so they are not recommended for inexperienced people, because they can be a threat to other pets. Bloodhounds have incredibly large ears that help them “sweep” scents into their noses when tracking. Tigger’s record was approached by Harbor, a hound from Boulder, whose ears were 34.29 cm and 31.12 cm long.

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Tigger’s amazing ears aroused the admiration of Internet users. “Madness”

Under Tigger’s photo, there were many comments from Internet users who marvel at his long ears.

And these are the ears!

Legendary ears.


Yoda would be jealous.

With ears like that, this dog hears everything.

He would also win the competition for the biggest double chin.

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