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54-year-old Anna Popek revealed the secret of a young skin appearance.  “No diet works so effectively”

54-year-old Anna Popek revealed the secret of a young skin appearance. “No diet works so effectively”

Watching the 54-year-old Anna Popek on the glass screen, one can get the impression that time has stopped for her. The journalist still impresses with her sensational form and radiant complexion. In one of the interviews, the TV star revealed that she owes her youthful appearance to, among others, juice based on several products.

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54-year-old Anna Popek is one of the most popular journalists, TV presenters and media personality in Poland. She has been associated for several decades. She led, among others morning program “Coffee or tea?” and “Question for Breakfast”. The star of the silver screen can be regularly admired as the host of various music events and not only, where she has been delighting with her slim figure and radiant complexion for years. What’s the secret?

Anna Popek reveals the secret of youthful appearance. “No diet works as effectively”

Anna Popek will celebrate her 55th birthday this year, but it seems as if time has stopped for the presenter. As it turns out it is not only thanks to the genes, but above all to the healthy habits that the journalist introduced into her life. It is thanks to them from the early hours of the morning on the glass screen. Regular sleep and constant physical activity are the inseparable foundations of healthwhich the TV star does not forget about in his daily routine. In an interview in the magazine “Twoje Imperium”, the star revealed what she was talking about.

I will admit that I have a few rituals that keep me in check. First of all, I go to bed at regular times, I don’t eat before bedtime, I rarely drink alcohol, and I do a strict fast once a week. I don’t eat anything then, I only drink herbs, juices and beetroot sourdough. No diet works so effectively. And movement is important. Running, stretching exercises, walking the dog are my everyday life.

The secret of Anna Popek’s youth? This juice is a real vitamin bomb

Beetroot sourdough, which Anna Popek drinks during a strict fast, is a source of prebiotics and probiotics, which have a positive effect on the condition of the skin. This is, among others thanks to it, it maintains a youthful appearance. , which has been present in the star’s diet for several years, has also had many health-promoting properties. It affects: lowering cholesterol, regulating blood pressure, and supporting the work of the heart. In turn, the substance responsible for the color of beets, i.e. betanin, protects blood vessels, prevents the development of Alzheimer’s, and can even prevent the formation of cancer cells. How to make such a drink?

Needed ingredients:

  • 500 g of beetroot,
  • 350 ml of water,
  • 5 cloves of garlic,
  • 4 bay leaves,
  • 4 grains of allspice,
  • spoon of salt.

Step-by-step preparation method:

  1. Start by washing and peeling the beets. Then cut into slices or slices.
  2. Wash and sterilize the jar thoroughly.
  3. Peel and thinly slice the garlic.
  4. Layer the sliced ​​beets in a jar. Between them add chopped garlic, bay leaves, allspice.
  5. Dissolve the salt in the boiled water and pour it over the vegetables you put in the jar.
  6. It is important that the beets are completely submerged.
  7. Cover the jar with a cloth and put it in a dark and cool place.
  8. The sourdough will be ready within 5-7 days.
  9. Store the drink in the refrigerator.

Before starting any diet, it is recommended to consult a doctor or nutritionist, even if you do not have any health problems.

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