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Scientists reveal the dangers of skipping breakfast

Scientists reveal the dangers of skipping breakfast

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Many people skip breakfast to lose weight. However, according to MedikForum, experts questioned the effectiveness of this method and, moreover, revealed a number of negative health effects.

So, according to the American Heart Association (AHA), people who skip breakfast have higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and also live with a higher risk of heart disease.

In turn, scientists from the University of Hohenheim conducted a study to determine how the body changes in a person who skips meals. It turned out that after dinner in the body of people who ignore breakfast, the concentration of inflammatory markers increases, which, in turn, increases the susceptibility to diseases caused by inflammation.

In addition, people who skip their first meal of the day are at risk of gaining weight. Skipping breakfast prompts the body to “revenge” for depriving calories in the morning. Those who do not eat breakfast may experience increased cravings for all sorts of snacks during the day, contributing to an excess of calories eaten and, along with it, the appearance of excess weight.

“If you want to lose a few pounds, then skipping dinner is more effective than breakfast. Metabolism and blood sugar regulation processes work better in the morning than in the evening, making it easier for the body to process food eaten in the morning and expend weight faster, ”Freundin magazine quotes experts.

It also leads to poor concentration. The metabolism of 80% of people is arranged in such a way that their body digests breakfast better than dinner. Their brain’s need for nutrients is also high in the morning. Their absence impairs thinking, work productivity and concentration.

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