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A room full of pubic wigs and prosthetic genitalia.  The stars reveal intimate secrets from the film sets

A room full of pubic wigs and prosthetic genitalia. The stars reveal intimate secrets from the film sets

A room full of pubic wigs and prosthetic genitalia.  The stars reveal intimate secrets from the film sets

Hollywood has its secrets and probably everyone knows it. From unusual methods to funny secrets and set slips, the truth of which is revealed after some time. One of such secrets is the methods of shooting intimate scenes. Also in such situations there are some mishaps.

Stars in interviews often reveal secrets from the set. They talk about working with the director, make-up and unusual events. It can be concluded from these statements that Hollywood has seen it all. Despite this, the actors still seem surprised by the ideas. It is no different in the case of intimate scenes. Today, producers are doing everything to make it easier for their actors. That’s why intimacy coaches come on set, and staff is kept to a minimum when filming sex scenes. Despite this, there are unusual situations and funny mishaps.

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Wet sponge between the legs. Olivia Colman on the secret on the set of “The Favorite”

In 2018, she guested on The Graham Norton Show. On the red couch, she told m. about a funny situation that happened during the shooting of the movie “The Favourite”. Colman starred alongside Emma Stone, who had some concerns about one of the scenes where there is a close-up involving the latter’s finger. “To avoid finding something she shouldn’t have, I asked the makeup artists if they had a sponge,” Colman said. The actress placed it between her legs, creating a rather unusual barrier with it. “I put a sponge in there and said, ‘Okay, there’s a barrier, you can do it! she added. Emma Stone’s reaction was predictable. After touching the wet object, she was in shock. Fortunately, Colman quickly reassured her friend that it was just a sponge.

Margot Robbie recalls the Wolf of Wall Street shoot: a room full of pubic wigs

However, unusual barriers are not everything. Sometimes make-up artists are forced to take care of the comfort of actors playing naked, which is helped by merkins – pubic wigs put on in intimate places to cover them. She told about her adventure with this accessory a few years ago – I remember that in “” there was a whole room full of merkins – in the Fitzy & Wippa podcast. ‚ÄúPeople came in and picked one out. It was fascinating. This is a little-known fact about the film industry, she added.

Mark Wahlberg and the giant prosthesis. The actor still has it hidden at home

Mark Wahlberg in the 1997 film “Boogie Nights” had to use a special prosthesis. It was unavoidable, because the character he played had … a large penis, which ensured him a career in the porn industry. The issue of the prosthesis returns from time to time in interviews, it is also a topic for jokes. In 2022, the actor guested on the Ellen DeGeneres show, where he admitted that he still has the aforementioned prosthesis. – It’s securely locked in a safe – . “It’s not something I would keep in view.” What if my kids were looking for a spare charger, found this and said, What the hell is that? – added.

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