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88-year-old Helena Norowicz became a retired model.  “The passage of time, however, is absolute”

88-year-old Helena Norowicz became a retired model. “The passage of time, however, is absolute”

Helena Norowicz is an 88-year-old actress and model who proves that beauty knows no age and it is never too late to make your dreams come true.

Helena Norowicz shows that you can look irresistible regardless of age. It is an inspiration for each of us.

It all started with the theatre, only after retiring Helena Norowicz discovered a new passion

The 88-year-old is a graduate of the State Higher School of Theater in Łódź. After graduation, she worked for 14 years at the Classical Theater in Warsaw (now Teatr Studio). The actress has appeared in several films such as Is there a bride here?, Mother Teresa of Cats and the famous production of Jan Komasa Corpus Christi. She also played many episodic roles in TV series, e.g. On the common Whether The colors of happiness.

When she retired, she discovered what she enjoys most

The 88-year-old proves that at any age you can fulfill your innermost desires. The first photos, thanks to which she discovered her passion for modeling, were taken by actress Aleksandra Popławska.

Helena was very brave […] Her current incarnation is an extraordinary phenomenon. Helena does not try to hide her old age, on the contrary, she exposes it with white hair and a face that allows time to pass through. That’s courage, and I’m glad to think that it’s acting courage. It is in this old age that we feel women

– confessed Irena Jun, a theater actress, in an interview.

Helena Norowicz did not want to retire. However, the decision was made for her

I didn’t want to retire, but the director said, ‘They’re young, they’ve graduated and you’ve done your job.’ It seemed to me that I hadn’t done it yet, but if the director thinks so, it’s hard

– said Helena Norowicz.

Aleksandra Popławska, thanks to whom Helena Norowicz discovered her passion, spoke honestly about activating older people:

There is still not enough activation of older people to society. People are retiring and if they don’t have some hobby or extra activity, they age faster. Helena herself says that when she has nothing to do, she feels exhausted. And as soon as the phone rings with a proposal, it gets wings

she said.

However, the passage of time is ruthless, but the belief that while you can, you have to give yourself and take

Helena Norowicz can enjoy the huge support of fans who do not spare her warm words in the comments under her photos:


Miss Helena! You are stunning!

This is what she wants to look like in 70 years.

I love looking at you!




Source: Gazeta

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