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Putin said that Russia and China are not creating a military alliance

Putin said that Russia and China are not creating a military alliance

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Russia and China do not create any military alliance and do not threaten anyone, military cooperation with Beijing is “transparent”. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“Yes, we have cooperation in the field of military-technical cooperation, we do not hide it. Everything is transparent, there is nothing secret. We also have military cooperation, we conduct exercises. We all continue, it’s all transparent, but this is not a military alliance,” Putin said.

The West, on the contrary, is “building new axes” in an effort to create a “global NATO,” he said.

The head of state cited as an example the new strategic concept of NATO (in particular, it refers to the establishment of strong partnerships with the countries of the Indo-Pacific region). Moreover, this concept lists the countries that will enter the “global NATO”, Putin is convinced.

This week, former US National Security Adviser John Bolton, in an interview with The Telegraph, suggested that a Russia-China axis is being formed and that Moscow and Beijing regard their relationship as an “alliance without borders.”

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, commenting on Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia, called it “a wake-up call” and “a signal of support” for Beijing.

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