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Viewers loved her for Ally McBeal.  Now she is married to a well-known actor 20 years her senior.  It looks beautiful

Viewers loved her for Ally McBeal. Now she is married to a well-known actor 20 years her senior. It looks beautiful

Ally McBeal is a symbol of the 90s. For many people, she was an icon of feminism and the fight against the glass ceiling in an industry dominated by men. Calista Flockhart was supposed to make a great career, but she completely retired from show business. This is how it looks now.

This series has caused a sensation all over the world. He was a certain symbol of the 90s, right next to “Sex and the City”. The production was groundbreaking because it did not avoid the topic of sex, feminism, and the main character was cute but full of flaws. Ally is a slightly neurotic 30-year-old who is looking for love in the big city, and at the same time realizes herself as a lawyer. She is sensitive, but also stubborn, constantly fighting chauvinism in the legal industry. At the same time, she does not try to assume male roles, she loves nice costumes with short skirts. who went on new dates with different men again and again. Ally McBeal was an icon, a symbol and an expression of liberation.

A cult role in a cult series. It required sacrifices

Calista Flockhart quickly became a star thanks to Ally McBeal. however, she had her downsides. Many people predicted her a great career, but sometimes cult characters become a kind of trap and drawer. Playing Ally, the actress devoted herself to work 200%. The media mercilessly pointed out her thinness, drawing painful conclusions about anorexia. Years later, she said that she had an eating disorder at the time:

I was very stressed in the late 90s. I was working 15 hours a day, started not eating enough and exercising too much, pushing myself too far and destroying my immune system. I didn’t have time to eat. I’m healthier now

Although she played in several films and series, Ally McBeal’s success did not repeat. She appeared less and less on the walls, and fame has ceased to interest her completely. Since 2017, she can rarely be seen, and if she is with her husband. He is a big Hollywood star – Harrison Ford.

Love away from the flash. The age difference didn’t matter

There has been a lot of controversy around their relationship, Harrison is 22 years older than Calista. The age difference did not make it difficult for them to build a relationship, they have been together for over 20 years. They met in 2002 at the Golden Globes. The feeling came very quickly. A year before that, the actress adopted a newborn, whom her future husband sincerely loved and decided to adopt. Harrison has been divorced twice and has sworn he doesn’t want to get married again.


However, love for Calista changed that, they got married in 2010. The ceremony was like their relationship: away from the media and romantic. He was in jeans and she was in a modest dress. Harrison emphasizes in interviews that his wife fully accepts his hobby and it is very important to him. However, in 2015, even that was put to the test. The actor had a very serious accident, the engine in the plane he was driving failed. Harrison miraculously survived, and his wife took good care of him. Now they lead a quiet life on their farm, and when they are shown together, they simply beam.

Source: Gazeta

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