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Tutberidze called insulting accusations against Valieva

Tutberidze called insulting accusations against Valieva

Coach Tutberidze called offensive doping accusations against figure skater Valieva

Russian figure skating coach Eteri Tutberidze commented on doping charges against her student Kamila Valieva. Her words are quoted by L’Equipe.

“My skaters have always been clean athletes. These accusations are insulting, ”said the specialist. She stressed that, together with the whole team, she tried to figure out the situation and watched the cameras from the Russian Championship, where Valieva was checked. The coach was also surprised that a lot of time passed between the doping control and the announcement of the result.

On January 4, Valieva said that she could have left figure skating if not for her collaboration with Tutberidze. The figure skater noted that she had doubts about the prospects and she could only continue dancing and ballet.

At the 2022 Olympics, Valieva won gold in the team competition, but the Russian team was not awarded due to a doping scandal involving an athlete. In the sample of the skater from December 2021, traces of the banned drug trimetazidine were found. At the same time, the Court of Arbitration for Sport allowed her to participate in the individual tournament, where she took fourth place.

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