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He led the cult “Teleranek”.  Due to his addiction, he lost his job in TVP and the roof over his head

He led the cult “Teleranek”. Due to his addiction, he lost his job in TVP and the roof over his head

Do you remember the cult program for children “Teleranek”? In the 1980s, the main host of the show was Tadeusz Bro¶. Despite numerous successes, the popular journalist fell into the trap of addiction, which ruined not only his career, but also his life. He died the day before his 62nd birthday.

Tadeusz Broś was one of the most popular faces on Polish Television for many years. The journalist led numerous entertainment shows, including the cult “Teleranek”. When he was released from the station, he could not arrange his life.

He was a TVP star. Tadeusz Broś hosted numerous entertainment programs

Although Tadeusz Broś began his studies at the theater school in Kraków, he never graduated. Already in the first year, he made his screen debut in the film “You can still hear the singing and neighing of horses” and decided to focus on his career, abandoning education. He left for Grudziądz, where he got a job at the Theater of Pomeranian Land. He decided to strengthen his position in the industry by taking an extramural exam, which he successfully passed, receiving the title of actor with stage specialization.

He also directed a show for the youngest “Soldier Adventures of Tomaszek Pogody”. Soon after, he was employed in , where he received the “Teleferie” program. However, viewers remembered him as the cult “Teleranek”, in which he performed for over a decade.

It was a power program. We had an hour and a half, the viewership was approaching ten million. Every fourth Pole watched me

— Anita Czupryn and Paweł Brzozowski for the book “Sorry Batory, or the cases of Mr. Teleranka”. In the meantime, he started extramural studies at the Lodz Film School, obtaining a license to direct television. He also worked as the editor-in-chief.

The addiction ruined his career. He declared bankruptcy and was homeless

It was no secret that Tadeusz Broś was addicted to alcohol. Few paid much attention to his addiction until it began to affect his professionalism at work. In 2000, during the recording of a reportage for “Teleranka”, he burned a cabin on the ship “Batory”.

I went on a business ship. On a barborek cruise. I fell asleep drunk with a cigarette in the cabin. Everything burned

— an unfortunate event in the book. His misdemeanor did not escape the TVP authorities, who immediately gave him a notice. Everyone saw that his addiction was sinking him, but no one dared to help him. “You drink because you have no other idea how to deal with something bigger than you.” You don’t notice when you cross the threshold where control of your life passes into someone else’s hands, he told Newsweek.

Despite attempts to resume his career, no one wanted to hire the presenter permanently. Broś took up various jobs to earn a living. He was, among others taxi driver, telemarketer, and even a night watchman in the parking lot. The earnings were so low that the journalist, as the first in Poland, declared consumer bankruptcy and landed on the pavement, becoming homeless. After some time, a helping hand came to him from a son living in London, who supported him for a while by sending him £100 a month. Soon after, Broś fell ill with tuberculosis, he also struggled with depression. He died alone on October 27, 2011, just one day before his 62nd birthday.

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