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Her breasts almost killed her, but today they are worth millions.  77-year-old Dolly Parton reveals the secret of her appearance

Her breasts almost killed her, but today they are worth millions. 77-year-old Dolly Parton reveals the secret of her appearance

In one of the interviews, Dolly Parton admitted without hesitation that she was not ashamed to present herself as a “cartoon character”. By many to this day, she is called the “queen of the country”, but she became especially famous after a breast augmentation operation almost killed her. The 77-year-old singer revealed the secret behind her appearance.

Many people agree that time has stopped for Dolly Parton. The “Queen of Country” despite the passage of time still looks like decades ago. Despite her great musical talent and numerous successes, it is her appearance that has been on everyone’s tongues for years, and the artist herself quickly became known as the “Queen of Plastic Surgery”.

What’s more, because of his addiction to medical procedures in 1992, the star almost lost his life. All because of breasts enlarged to gigantic sizes. However, despite this, Parton did not give up interfering with her appearance. The singer recently turned 77, and still maintains that she will not stop fighting aging. How is it today?

Dolly Parton openly admits to plastic surgery. What treatments has the star undergone?

Dolly Parton is not ashamed of the fact that she is one of those people who willingly use the help of plastic surgeons. The singer openly admits that she has always wanted to be honest with her fans, so she never concealed the aesthetic medicine treatments she underwent. Already in 2003, in an interview with Larry King Live, she admitted, among others for undergoing a facelift, breast implants, eye surgery, lip injections, Botox, liposuction, removal of excess skin, etc.

Dolly Parton almost gave up plastic surgery. “I’m going to look like a cartoon character and I’m fine with that”

Probably the most famous procedure was breast augmentation. In 1992, Parton, then 46, had to be operated on because her huge breasts nearly killed her. What exactly was it about? The country singer’s breast implants exploded and she barely escaped with her life. Plastic surgeons decided that it would be necessary to reduce the star’s breasts.

But Dolly’s troubles didn’t end there. Only a few years ago, information began to appear in the American press more and more often that the singer’s artificial breasts again crushed her to the ground and threatened with a serious spinal injury. Parton also admitted that she spent a total of nearly PLN 5 million on all breast operations!

It is also worth adding that the definition of aging with style according to Dolly Parton significantly differs from the common perception on this subject. In an interview with The Oprah Conversation, the singer revealed that she doesn’t think of her age in terms of numbers.

I will never grow old because I don’t have time for it. […] I will look as young as my plastic surgeons will let me. I’ll look like a cartoon character and I’m fine with that.

she confessed in an interview.



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