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With Punche Emergency: What are the main measures to deal with the crisis due to the rains?

With Punche Emergency: What are the main measures to deal with the crisis due to the rains?

The intense rains that affect the interior of the country as a consequence of Cyclone Yaku generated an economic cost of around S/1.3 billion (0.1% of GDP), mainly due to damage to bridges (S/674 million) and highways (S/ 332 million), according to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

Under this scenario, to face the critical situation facing the country, the MEF presented this Friday afternoon, March 24, the “With Emergency Punch” Plan. The program will have a fiscal cost of S/4,000 million and will be executed on 3 pillars: immediate attention to emergencies; prevention, protection and resilience of infrastructure; and measures for the recovery of productive capacity and promotion of social housing.

Among the actions for immediate attention to the emergency, theto injection of liquidity for close to S/800 million for the rental or purchase of cleaning and drainage equipment; acquisition of humanitarian aid goods; citizen organization for emergency care, etc.

In this axis, it will also be allocatedn S/120 million for disease mitigation and health care for victims; and the same amount will be invested in the expansion of the housing voucher for families whose homes have been declared uninhabitable or collapsed due to natural disasters.

Regarding prevention work S/1,500 million will be directed for preventive and corrective maintenance of road, sanitation and sewerage, educational infrastructure and hospitable. There will also be clearing and cleaning of the rivers, rockfilling of temporary dikes by sections, among others.

In what corresponds to the measures for the recovery of the productive capacity and promotion of social housing, S/250 million to extend the delivery of the Family Housing Bonus, as well as for the improvement and conditioning, and construction of temporary housing.

Likewise, S/100 million will be invested in the MIPYME Recovery Plan through the allocation of resources for the CRECER Fund in order to promote coverage and lines of credit for the economic recovery of MYPEs and promote their financial reintegration.

In this same pillar, S/100 million will also be allocated to strengthen the assets of microfinance institutions to promote and maintain solvency in favor of less favored segments.

Also, S/200 million will be directed to a liquidity program for microfinance institutions and cooperatives. The MEF indicated that it is evaluating, together with the SBS, a guarantee program for the loan portfolio granted by the Municipal, Rural and Financial Savings Banks, reducing liquidity pressures due to the current situation.

Source: Larepublica

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