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Easter decorations, or how to decorate the house for Christmas?  Quick guide

Easter decorations, or how to decorate the house for Christmas? Quick guide

Easter decorations. What trends will prevail in Christmas decorating of houses in 2023? What decorations can you make yourself to create a festive atmosphere?

Easter decorations – many possibilities for festive circumstances

it seems like a small thing, but it makes a huge visual difference. You can start with small things, such as decorating a basket, but it’s also nice to decorate the table or the rest of the apartment for Christmas and spring. Easter is a holiday of great importance in the Catholic religion, but it is also associated with spring, flowers, animals waking up from sleep, birds chirping and colors. After a sad and gray winter, most of us want a change. Therefore, it is even more worth introducing Christmas decorations into your interior and involving the whole family in their preparation.

Easter home door decoration? Why not!

The market currently offers a lot of opportunities. You can easily buy charming, delicate wreaths with a motif of flowers, pearls and tiny quail eggs that can be hung on the front door. There are also those with floral motifs. So you can easily make the Easter decoration to suit your preferences. Similar to the garden, you can find beautiful figurines of bunnies and other Christmas motifs that will playfully protrude from the sprouting grass.

Easter decoration? Do it yourself!

Yes, and it’s the best solution for many reasons. First of all – the cheapest, because we choose the products from which we want to make decorations. It arises then, and “do it yourself” is not so impossible. Of course, you may have concerns about whether you have enough artistic skills, but it’s still worth taking up the challenge. Secondly, it is a great opportunity to spend time together with family and children in a creative way. Such decorations, even if they are not visually perfect, have a huge sentimental value and look much better than bought in a supermarket.

Reeds as Easter decorations. Prepare yourself or use ready-made solutions

One of the most beautiful Christmas decorations are wreaths. Easter decorations in this form are not only wreaths that can be hung on the door or anywhere in the room, but many more possibilities. They can also be, for example, imitations of lanterns, inside which moss, some leaves, small eggs and small daffodils will be arranged. Another example can be decorative pots in which flowers grow and Christmas motifs are placed around them, e.g. sitting tiny bunnies. If you like hanging decorations, you can also find wreaths in the form of imitation eggshells suspended on strings or ribbons, with either bunnies or tiny birds sticking out of them – and all this is only part of the possibilities.

Easter egg – decoration in a traditional style

An Easter egg as a decoration is a very good idea. A beautiful Easter egg will always look good, especially if it is made by yourself. More artistically gifted people can perform them in an intricate way, but each one is just as unique. Of course, Easter eggs can also be purchased ready-made in many forms – plastic, wooden and others. However, when prepared on their own, they have a completely different value. You can either buy dyes or natural ones, e.g. onion peels or beetroot juice. On the dyed shell, we stick various decorations, such as sequins, pearls, tiny paper elements, or scratch our own pattern with a needle, razor blade or other sharp tool. It all depends on our imagination and the time we can devote to it.

DIY Easter decorations, or what interesting decorations can be made by yourself?

DIY is short for “do it yourself”. This applies to independent, non-commercial, amateur performance of various works without the help of professionals. DIY Easter decorations are self-made decorations, inspired by any technique or decoration seen somewhere. In addition to classic Easter eggs, you can also indicate reeds, wreaths, various types of pendants, etc. They can be made on a wreath, wicker ball or other similar motif. You can use artificial or real plants in them, but then you need to think about how to water them, irrigate them so that they do not wither and dry up too quickly. You can also use:

  • colored raffia,
  • ribbons,
  • pearls,
  • sequins,
  • feathers

and many other additions that come to mind. In recent years, the headdress is often made on the bark or a slice of the trunk, to which, for example, artificial or real moss, bunnies, chanterelles and other elements are glued. It is worth looking for inspiration on the Internet, but also in interior design stores, and anyone who wants to make decorations on their own will find something that will suit their concept and taste.

Easter table decorations. Don’t forget the flowers

In addition to wreaths, Easter eggs, pots, you can also make, for example, original vases for flowers, which are a must-have decoration for the Easter, spring table. It is enough to find two round, glass, transparent vessels that can be inserted one into the other. The inner one must have a much smaller diameter and be lower than the outer one. It’s good if they are tall enough for the middle one to act as a vase. Between the walls, you can put various, e.g. colorful, small eggs, stones, moss or other things that will create an interesting vase for a person looking from the side, from which e.g. tulips protrude. Similarly, as an interesting type of vase, tall tubes, in which the flowers fit in their entirety, work well. You can also make tiny decorations with which you can tie the handkerchiefs lying next to the tableware for guests. A small and charming gesture that will surely decorate the table beautifully.

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