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“The Voice Kids”.  Cleo’s surprising confession.  She revealed what education she has

“The Voice Kids”. Cleo’s surprising confession. She revealed what education she has

The coaches in “The Voice Kids” often make surprising confessions. This was also the case this time, when Cleo, in an interview with a participant, revealed what she did before she became one of the most popular singers in Poland. The confession may surprise you.

After the performance of the participants in programs such as “The Voice Kids”, the subject of the personal experiences of the judges and coaches is often discussed. This time she shared her confession. The singer revealed her education.

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Cleo revealed her education in “The Voice Kids”. The confession surprised the jurors

11-year-old Filip Robak, who decided to sing the hit of BTS, “Permisson To Dance”. The boy finally chose the team of Dawid Kwiatkowski, but earlier he told about his dreams. Right after the show, he was asked about his plans for the future. The Baron asked what he was going to be when he was 22. – I will be an architect, I will sing and I will design – 11-year-old. It was then that Cleo admitted that she herself is a landscape architect and sings. The confession took the other coaches by surprise. – You sing beautifully. I don’t know how you design, said Dawid Kwiatkowski. Cleo cut short the discussion, stating that she designs just as well.

What education does Cleo have? Before becoming a singer, she designed gardens

Cleo studied at the Faculty of Landscape Architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. After obtaining a master’s degree, she dealt with green architecture. She worked e.g. as an expert in home garden design. He also has experience in computer graphics and freehand drawing.

She took her first steps on the music scene online, where she published her own versions of well-known hits. She also sang in the Soul Connection gospel choir, and tried her hand at the Polish edition of the program, but without success. The breakthrough came in 2013, when Donatan invited her to the recording studio. The hit “My Słowianie” and the performance in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 opened the door to her career. Today, the 39-year-old singer has a lot of success, including two diamond albums.

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