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Stylish work jackets.  These models look insane!  A return to the classics, but in a new edition

Stylish work jackets. These models look insane! A return to the classics, but in a new edition

This is probably the most universal element of the wardrobe, if we need classic stylizations for the office. However, this spring we are looking at the jacket from a different perspective. We play with color and cut. Here are the most fashionable models that bloggers over 50 have fallen in love with.

A blazer is a great way to add elegance to a casual outfit. Combined with jeans and a t-shirt, it is the perfect outfit for work. It can be a classic black tailored jacket, but it is also worth taking a look at the latest trends. This season, the women’s jacket is getting a new face.

Color first. In spring we focus on lavender and orange

Fashionable jackets are jackets kept in the most fashionable colors, of course. We all already know viva magenta, but for many people it may be too strong a color. A jacket in a different color will be a great choice very fashionable shade – lavender. It looks great with white pants. It is a delicate, fresh and rejuvenating color.

And this, in turn, is an offer for people who like to stand out. The color orange is also on time. A blazer in this shade will go great with regular jeans.


Tweed jackets a bit retro and a bit modern. The cream ones are in the lead

there are box jackets, i.e. short jackets with a square cut. Coco Chanel and Jackie Kennedy wore the same. It’s not only about the cut, but also the material, e.g. tweed or bouchee. Such jackets go well with jeans and palazzo trousers.

In the spring, cream-colored ones will be especially fashionable, which nicely complement black trousers.

Sailor’s jacket. It’s a timeless classic

The last type of fashionable jacket is very classic, and it is a sailor style. A navy blue or white tailored jacket with large decorative buttons is a real must-have, perfect for work. It will be the perfect complement to white trousers and a blouse or shirt with stripes and loafers.

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