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The State Duma showed a mobile bunker

The State Duma showed a mobile bunker

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At a meeting of the Coordinating Headquarters for Assistance to the Mobilized, held at the site of the Lower House Defense Committee, the developers of new military technologies presented various bunkers to the deputies, including a mobile one, a drone repeater and a shield capable of hiding the military from satellites. According to RBC, they asked the deputies for help in sending these developments to the zone of the military operation in Ukraine.

Sergei Yegorov, chairman of the scientific and technical committee of the Main Directorate for Combat Training of the Armed Forces, said that “if necessary, within the framework of the assigned functions,” his unit is ready to assist developers.

The event was organized by Dmitry Kuznetsov, a member of the Duma Defense Committee. He proposed the creation of a Defense Innovation Support Center, which will help saturate the troops with anti-drone weapons.

The invited representatives of the developers of technological solutions spoke, in particular, about the shields that hide the positions of the fighters from observation via drones and satellites. “That is, these are shields that, by refracting rays, completely hide the position. If the point is completely covered by our shield, then bushes, trees, stones are visible from above, but no person or equipment is visible, ”the manufacturer’s representative explained. Shields are designed, among other things, to cover trenches with them and hide the movement of the military.

Another proposed development was a repeater drone, which “allows you to look beyond the horizon and protect the drone operator.”

Also, the deputies were presented with a line of bunkers, which has stationary bunkers 6 and 4.5 m long, as well as a mobile bunker 2.5 m long. The latter can be used as a mobile fortification, as well as a checkpoint and a checkpoint. Up to seven people can be in such a bunker for a short time, up to five for a long time. Such a bunker is heated by an oven. Next week, the first sample of the mobile bunker is planned to be sent to the zone of the military operation.

At the meeting, it was decided that the Center for Defense Innovation Support next week will present to the First Vice Speaker of the Federation Council Andriy Turchak, who heads the parliamentary coordinating group on special operations in Ukraine, several developments that have already been tested in front conditions. In parallel, promising technological solutions will be selected, which will be sent for testing in real combat conditions.

Source: Rosbalt

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