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This name became popular thanks to the heroine of “First Love”.  In 2022, 59 girls received them

This name became popular thanks to the heroine of “First Love”. In 2022, 59 girls received them

The fashion for giving children names from the old days has returned. However, not everyone is its supporters. Some prefer to choose an original name, which is used by a small number of people in Poland. One such name is Sabina.

Already at an early stage, future parents are thinking about what to name their baby. Some choose names after their grandparents, others are inspired by characters from movies or TV series. Currently, more and more people decide to choose an original and unusual name. At one time, the name Sabina enjoyed a lot of interest, but now it is one of the least popular names for girls.

The name is Sabina. Beautiful, though rare

Sabina is a female given name of Latin origin. It is derived from the name of the Sabelian tribes, the Sabines. These are the areas of central Italy. In Poland, this name appeared for the first time in the 18th century. It is said that Sabinas are self-confident individualists. They are strong and determined people who know what they want from life. At the same time, they love luxury, they can also be stubborn and jealous. As children, they love to be in nature. The most popular date for Sabina’s name day is August 29.

Original baby name. Only 59 girls wear them

In 2022, only 59 girls in Poland received the name Sabina. This was the name of one of the most popular characters in the series “First Love”, played by Urszula Dębska. Sabina from “First Love” is a hit girl with a good heart. It’s very possible that some parents were inspired by Sabina’s character and that’s why they decided to name their child that. In Poland, we have two well-known Sabinas: figure skater Sabina Wojtala and weightlifter Sabina Bagińska.

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