Mexican actress and singer Sherlyn Gonzalez In his country he has been criticized for the way he raises his son. But he disagreed Alejandra Jaramillo, who commented on it.

Alejandra Jaramillo assures that she is a positive “influencer” on social networks

The Ecuadorian said in Sit who can! who agreed when the Mexican declared that no one should interfere in the education of children.

“That is absolutely true, it only concerns those who are parents, because we also cannot get carried away by an Instagram photo, by a 15-second story, that is not real life, who deletes and has behind closed doors they border with your child Jaramillo defended.

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Jaramillo said it’s okay to agree, but limits should be enforced. “You don’t have to give them everything because in life you don’t get everything and you have to teach them that from an early age.” Indonesian.

While, Gonzalez He said for the entertainment program that each person has their way of parenting based on their values. “Do you think it is wrong that there is a child with a lot of love? Everyone has their own way of raising children and I don’t think anyone is a judge, nor does it seem to me that anyone has any authority, neither moral nor of any kind, to get involved in the education of anyone.”

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