Although the fissures of the monarchy continue to disperse rumors about the marital crisis of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the hermetic silence of the British press dissolves what was in the news a few days ago: the imminent divorce of the couple.

The reason for the split has a first and last name: Rose Hanbury, a former model and former friend of the Princes of Wales. But although some world media, such as El Comercio, assure that the couple already has a set date when they will announce a formal divorce, the British press is silent.

Rumors continue: This would be the millionaire mansion Prince William is moving to to hide from Kate and secretly see Rose Hanbury

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According to media outlets, Kate Middleton will finalize the details to make her divorce from Prince William official, with the royal couple divorcing in May. Sources close to the royal family say this situation is causing a stir within Buckingham Palace.

Rumors suggest that Kate Middleton wants to announce her divorce the day before King Carlos III’s coronation, in order to completely overshadow the event.

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Why the British press does not talk about the separation of William and Kate

It was 2019 when The Sun, a major tabloid of the British press, spoke about the romance of Prince William and Rose, which was published by Mujer Hoy.

This rumor inspired a fake news website to invent a famous Valentine’s Day dinner in February 2023. Although Kate Middleton contributed to the revelation: she admitted that she did not expect flowers from her husband on Valentine’s Day, because it is not a “seller”.

The fake news reached every media outlet on the planet. However, a few hours later the information disappeared from British newspapers.

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And that’s thanks to a legal tool called a super injunction that prohibits the publication of harmful information about relevant individuals or corporations, in this case the Princes of Wales.

The truth is that it is not known to be true. Has Kate moved out of the palace? Has Rose Hanbury divorced her husband? William went to live near Rose? Is Kate planning a legal divorce? Only time will tell.