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She won 250,000 in the lottery.  Her fate was not even victorious.  “We make surprises”

She won 250,000 in the lottery. Her fate was not even victorious. “We make surprises”

A woman named Joanie received a letter on March 10, 2023 saying she had won $250,000 in the lottery. pounds. At first she was shocked, but later it turned out that she had entered a ticket for the bonus draw and she was successful the second time.

A woman named Joanie, who did not want to reveal her last name, attended the . She didn’t win anything at first. Some time later, she received a letter informing her that she had managed to win the pot of 250,000. pounds. Now the woman is worried that people who live in her city will find out about the prize. It turns out that Cowdrey, Colorado, where Joanie lives, has only 27 inhabitants.

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She won a fortune in the lottery. He fears that the townspeople will find out about the prize

Joanie, a resident of one of the smallest in the world and an employee of the local court, received a letter on March 10, 2023 saying that she had won a fortune in the lottery. She was suspicious at first and thought it was a joke or a scam. She suspected that someone might be trying to extort money from her. The lottery bosses, however, quickly assured her that the prize was real. It turned out that the woman did not provide a phone number or e-mail address, so she was informed about the win in the traditional way. Then Joanie began to fear that other townspeople would find out about her fortune. Although she did not reveal her name and posed for a commemorative photo covered with a large check, she is still afraid that the truth will come to light.

At first, Joanie’s fate was not victorious. “We make surprises with extra prizes”

According to the portal, representatives of the lottery in a special statement explained how it happened that the ticket, which was not initially winning, later turned out to be a ticket to fortune for Joanie.

Joanie has played various games on our lottery over the years, but her previous biggest win was £500, so this one certainly beat the previous tally. She entered her unwinning ticket into our bonus draw and won, which people are not aware of until we show up at their door with a big check or contact them via phone, email or certified mail. We do surprises with extra prizes almost every month and this is one of them.

Joanie confessed that with the money she won, she plans to set up a trust fund and use some of it to care for and pamper her alpacas.

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