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Ewa Wachowicz and fashion experts liked him.  This set is a spring hit

Ewa Wachowicz and fashion experts liked him. This set is a spring hit

Ewa Wachowicz and fashion experts liked him.  This set is a spring hit

It’s time to play with color, which also applies to the most classic cuts. Ewa Wachowicz knows this, as she opted for a classic, but in an intense color, thanks to which a simple suit looks insane.

There is no need to convince anyone that a women’s suit is the most universal style among the classics. Navy blue, black or beige models will serve for years, they match many types of beauty and occasions. But with spring coming, it is worth getting inspired by the latest trends that significantly change the face of a women’s suit. And it all comes down to bold colors: pink, orange and lavender.


Ewa Wachowicz bets on pink. This suit is also worn by well-earned bloggers

Ewa Wachowicz knows how great pink suits look, but in the spring we move away from pastel shades. ANDAn intensely pink suit adds expressiveness to the face and shows how you can reinterpret the classics. A pink suit can be combined with an elegant white shirt or a plain T-shirt, then it looks more casual. Ewa Wachowicz opted for a fitted jacket, but with a longer cut, which will also match regular jeans.

After the photo, it is difficult to deduce what cut the pants have, but the most fashionable cut can be seen on foreign influencers. An example is Pilar De Arce. Her suit consists of a classic jacket, and the trousers have the most fashionable cut at the moment: wide with a crease. Fitted cigarillos are a thing of the past for now. Pilar also shows how great pink looks when combined with another intense color: purple. It came out coherently and very stylishly!

The color of the year 2023 on a suit. Lavender is a delicate but original color

Not far from pink in the color palette is the second color of the year, next to viva magenta, i.e. lavender. This refined and delicate color will reign among stylizations for solemn occasions. Renia Jaz, a top +50 influencer, chose lan oversized suit with a slight sheen. It looks fabulous!


Energy orange revolutionizes the suit. Don’t be afraid of color!

Another foreign fashion blogger-Isabel Marquez, chose a suit in a very trendy orange for spring. Many people are afraid that this color is too intense and is associated with work clothes. Nothing could be more wrong! Orange perfectly illuminates the face and fits nicely with a white blouse. It can be styled sporty with white sneakers or elegant with nude high heels.

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