On this occasion, he did not use the phrase ‘first I tweet that I’m nervous and then I run away’. In the afternoon on Saturday, March 18 the coast of Ecuador was shaken by a strong seismic movement that scared the citizens, including several famous people who shared their reaction on social networks after being sure. What did they say?

A singer Dayanar Peralta He told his millions of followers that he was in the mall. “How horrible, my God. I hope everyone is well. I was very scared, the century was shaking,” said Jonathan Estrada’s wife.

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Maria Fernanda Rios He also reacted to the “earthquake” and shared a video of the damage his residence suffered after the earthquake. “Today I woke up with tachycardia and I didn’t understand why. I knew something bad was going to happen, but I thought it was something personal, I was with that feeling and it was this strong trepidation“, he wrote in his stories.

Instagram: Maria Fernanda Rios.

A singer Bright pines he recorded a video greeting to his followers. “What fear we experienced here in Ecuador. I hope everyone is ok, he caught me in a tall building, but we are ok, We’re all fine, I’m sending you a hug,” he reassured his followers.

Carla Estrella called from the hospital, where he happened to be accompanied by a loved one. “This is the first time such an earthquake has occurred. and I’m a hospital for this, He was moving terribly and the power went out in the whole hospital and everyone ran“.

while a reporter Valerie Villalva said she felt a tremor while changing diapers to my little baby Dani. – It didn’t work out of fear, thank God.

Danilo Parra and Malena Rigo sent their report from Cuenzawhere he will attend AU-D’s wedding on Thursday. “I hope they are well, especially those near the epicenter. We are in Cuenca and he felt ugly, we were in the cathedral, we came down from the dome and he grabbed us while we were sitting at the entrance. Hugs to everyone.”

Instagram: Danilo Parra