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Dissolve in water and pour into a tank with a flush.  After 30 minutes there will be no trace of dirt

Dissolve in water and pour into a tank with a flush. After 30 minutes there will be no trace of dirt

When cleaning the toilet, we often forget to scrub the cistern. Stagnant water in it causes the accumulation of scale, and sometimes mold also appears. Although this is a natural process, it negatively affects its appearance and sometimes also its operation. How to clean it?

Although many people forget about this place, the cistern tank also needs to be cleaned regularly. It is best to do it at least once a month, and it will be clean, hygienic and free of limescale. You don’t have to buy special products, because you can scrub it with home products. How?

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How to clean the cistern tank at home? It’s easy

Begin a thorough cleaning of the cistern tank by putting on rubber gloves and rinsing the water. When it starts to fill up, wait until it reaches about 1/4 of its height and then turn off the inlet. Now you can dismantle the filling valve, which is also well cleaned. You will do it in a bowl of water with the addition of dishwashing liquid. As for the tank itself, pour warm water with dissolved citric acid into it, or optionally . It is important that the liquid covers the line of dirt and sediment. Leave it for at least 30 minutes, but preferably even 3 hours. When the time is up, scrub the interior with a rough sponge or brush and drain the water. Turn on the inlet again, install the valve and close the tank.

Was the sediment left in hard-to-reach places? We know the way around it

How to get rid of scale from hard-to-reach places in the cistern? Soak paper towels in vinegar and then “glue” them to the dirt for at least half an hour. Scrub the inside again with a sponge or brush.

An unusual trick for limescale. Use carbonated drink

If you only struggle with stone, you can also successfully use the popular one, which is cola. Thanks to the content of phosphoric acid, it quickly and easily deals with unsightly deposits. Pour 330 ml (can) of drink into the tank, top up with water to cover the dirt line, wait about an hour and scrub the surface with a sponge. Not even a trace of stone will remain.

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