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They present a bill to establish a compensable day for women for menstrual pain

They present a bill to establish a compensable day for women for menstrual pain

Congresswoman Jhakeline Katy Ugarte Mamani presented, last Thursday, March 16, the Bill 4505 that seeks to establish one day off a month for students and workers, both in the public and private sectors, due to dysmenorrhea or menstrual discomfort.

“The purpose of this law is to guarantee the right to health during menstruation and therefore the good physical and psychological state of basic and higher education students, as well as for public and private sector workers, which will help to the improvement of the academic performance of the students and the labor productivity of the workers”, can be read as the main objective of the norm.

In detail, the PL specifies that, in the case of female workers, the leave must be compensated with hours of work, therefore, no type of deduction should be made in their salaries. Likewise, a medical order with the diagnosis of dysmenorrhea or similar must be presented to the employer.

This proposal is raised at a time when legislation is being approved in favor of women in the workplace. In February of this year, the Spanish Congress of Deputies approved a law that allows cities to take a “menstrual leave” after presenting pain that prevents them from carrying out their work normally. In this way, with 185 votes in favor, 154 against and 3 abstentions, Spain became the first country in Europe to give the green light to this initiative. In the world, only Japan, Indonesia and Zambia contemplate similar regulations.

For its part, in Mexico, a proposal for an initiative has also been approved to include a license and work permits for menstruating people.

Source: Larepublica

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