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When to plant strawberries?  Do not miss this date, and the bushes will bend with fruit

When to plant strawberries? Do not miss this date, and the bushes will bend with fruit

When to sow strawberries so that they grow sweet and juicy? Depending on the type of seedling, there are several terms. If you want to enjoy delicious fruit this year, get to it soon. We also advise when to plant tomatoes and onions.

Spring is the time when nature comes to life and gardeners have their hands full. If you want to enjoy a delicious harvest of sweet strawberries, juicy tomatoes and tasty onions soon, this is the best time to plant them. We suggest when exactly you should start.

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When to plant strawberries? Get ready to plant, and you will harvest delicious fruits this spring

Strawberries are very easy to grow, so almost anyone who has one can enjoy their taste. What’s more, because there are three types of seedlings, we can plant them for most of the year. When exactly?

  • In early spring or autumn, if we have green (dug) seedlings. They will yield extremely rich in the second year after planting, and we will enjoy their taste for years to come.
  • From early spring to the end of June for frigo seedlings. In this case, tasty fruits will appear after two months!
  • From the beginning of spring to the end of May or from the beginning of July to early autumn, if we have potted seedlings, although the best period is definitely the middle of summer, thanks to which we will harvest the first fruits in the spring.

When to plant tomatoes? It depends on how you want to do it

Contrary to appearances, breeding is also not the most difficult. It is best to start their sowing soon, because at the end of March and at the beginning of April. In the case of seedlings in the ground, the best time is after May 15, when the probability of winter frosts decreases significantly. Choose a warm, cloudy day. On the other hand, if we plan to plant tomatoes under foil, we can do it from mid-February to about March 20, and then transfer them to the ground at the end of March.

When to plant spring onions? Start later this month

Onion is one of our most popular vegetables, which is also not difficult to grow. What’s more, it is resistant to frost for several days, so you can plant it in the ground in March and April. When planting, remember not to push it deep into the ground, but do it so that it sticks out a little or the top is level with the ground. Importantly, we can also plant onions at home in a pot and enjoy healthy, fresh chives.

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