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“The Voice of Ukraine” will be created in a Polish studio.  TVP will finance the project

“The Voice of Ukraine” will be created in a Polish studio. TVP will finance the project

“The Voice of Ukraine”, also known as “Holos Krainy”, went through eleven full editions. The twelfth was interrupted by the outbreak of war, but now the station 1+1, which still has the appropriate license, intends to resume the popular talent show. Due to the lack of funds, the project will be financially supported by Telewizja Polska. The recordings will take place in Poland, and the program will also be broadcast in our country. However, it will not replace “The Voice of Poland”.

“The Voice” is one of the most popular talent show formats, which has also been well received in our country – the last season of “The Voice of Poland” was watched by an average of 1.6 million viewers, and even more – the children’s edition. It is also popular with our neighbors, under the name “Holos Krainy” (“The voice of the country”). War-stricken Ukraine, however, does not have enough funds to produce another season. TVP came up with the proposal.


“Why shouldn’t we help?”

According to the portal, Telewizja Polska will support the “1+1” company in the production of the next season of the show, and will also broadcast it on TVP2.

Telewizja Polska has a license agreement for “The Voice of Poland”. We are in close contact with Ukrainian televisions. In Ukraine, 1+1 has a license for Voice, but at the moment there is no production, implementation or budget capacity to create such a project.

– said Mateusz Matyszkowicz, president of TVP, to “Super Express”. Station 1+1 has a Ukrainian license to produce the program, but due to the situation in the country, it does not have the appropriate budget.

We will do it free of charge. Ukraine doesn’t have the capacity to produce it at the moment, so why shouldn’t we help them?

– quote the statement of the president of Wirtualne Media. Recordings for the 13th season of the show are to take place in Ukrainian in the spaces of Polish Television, in the already existing scenography. However, Matyszkowicz emphasizes that the program will not replace the national “The Voice of Poland”. It will be an alternative for Ukrainians staying in Poland who would like to see their own representatives.

The point is that Ukrainian citizens who are staying in Poland can watch the program in their own language and with their performers. The Ukrainian side will get a ready product for its markets as part of barter. […] This format will not replace “The Voice of Poland”, to be clear. The Polish viewer on TVP2 gets three “vois formats” and will remain so.

he said. “The Voice of Ukraine” will also be shown by Belsat – a station watched, among others, by in Russia, provided that the owner of the global rights to the format agrees.

“The Voice of Ukraine” – when will it premiere in Poland?

The premiere date of “The Voice of Ukraine” is not yet known and although the recordings have not started, the first arrangements have been made. The program is to be implemented in late spring, and ready for broadcast – in autumn 2023. The show will be shown by both Polish and Ukrainian stations. “Holos Krainy” debuted in 1+1 in 2011 and since then 11 full editions have been made. Twelve o’clock was interrupted by the outbreak of war. In 2022, in addition to SMS voting to select the winner, funds were collected to support the Ukrainian army.

Viewers could make a donation to support the “Come back alive” Aid Fund and the platform. We managed to collect UAH 296,361.35. The collection was supported by Solomiya Witvitska, Valentina Hamayko and Konstantin Grubich. The last edition of the program was won by Maria Kvitka.

Source: Gazeta

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