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Did you dream about your ex?  It’s not a coincidence.  A psychologist deciphers the meaning of dreams

Did you dream about your ex? It’s not a coincidence. A psychologist deciphers the meaning of dreams

Dreaming about an ex-partner can evoke a lot of emotions or be a symbol of a much bigger problem, and it’s not necessarily a sign that we should call them. If you’re wondering why your brain recalls a certain person while you sleep, relationship experts offer possible interpretations.

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Ideally, bedtime would be a moment of peace and relaxation, but it’s not always that simple. Even if falling asleep is easy for you, drifting off usually opens the door to another world, the one inside your head. Dreams can also quickly become a source of stress, especially if your ex-partner keeps showing up. As the psychologist and therapist say,

Dreams are how the soul guides us and guides us beyond our conscious stories about ourselves. They are very personal and can only be understood by talking to the person who had the dream. If we know the details of the dream, it may be clearer to us what it symbolizes.

What does a dream about an ex-boyfriend mean? Get to know the interpretations of a relationship expert

It is extremely natural for us to wonder about the rationale behind our dreams. Curiosity probably doubles when it shows up in them. Even if you’re happy in a new relationship, it’s no wonder if you see your ex in a dream. Dreaming about him is actually very common and may not mean what you usually think. Many people are initially convinced that if they dream about their ex, they certainly still love him. not necessarily! According to a relationship expert, this could mean that:

  • You have unresolved issues with your former partner that still plague us and mean that you are looking for so-called closing your relationship.
  • You are worried about whether you will be successful in your new relationship. You’re probably comparing the two to make sure things work out this time.
  • The former in your dream could be a symbol of something else in your life that is making you unhappy, something else that you need to “break up” with in order to fully move on.
  • There is something in your old life with this person that you miss and want to get back.
  • If things between you didn’t end well and there was never an opportunity to forgive, sleep could be your brain’s way of creating that opportunity for you.
  • It is the fear of being hurt again in the same way, especially if the breakup was particularly violent.

When an old love comes back. Why am I dreaming about my ex-boyfriend?

A dream about an ex-partner causes disturbing hesitation in many people, should we, for example, speak to him. Often in such matters the heart wins over the mind. Psychotherapist Monika Dreger, according to the portal, suggests that there is no clear answer to the question, Should we reconnect with our ex-partner? Breakups often happen out of common sense, as a result of calculation, despite the still existing feeling. Ending a relationship is an extremely difficult decision that is often accompanied by various feelings. So often in dreams. The expert points out that we should look at several issues regarding:

  • making a decision to break up,
  • the course of ending the relationship,
  • on whose initiative the termination of the relationship took place,
  • Were you guided by feelings or reason during the breakup?

After the dream, you may be tempted to talk to your ex, and at this point you need to reconsider why you made the decision to break up earlier. If you are convinced that this decision was wrong and you regret it on a conscious level, then think about it and perhaps you should talk to him. If you consciously believe that it was a great decision, but the dream occurred, I would say to hold off on talking to your partner, because we are still in the process of breaking up.

Treat dream interpretations with distance and make decisions in your life wisely. If there is no realistic chance of getting back together with your ex, and the dreams keep recurring, talking to a psychologist may be helpful.

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