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The end of Turkish series on TVP.  The president announced great changes: It’s not because I don’t like or condemn them

The end of Turkish series on TVP. The president announced great changes: It’s not because I don’t like or condemn them

Turkish series will soon cease to be part of the schedule of the main stations of Telewizja Polska. The president of TVP announced that he wanted to focus on Polish productions. The greatest emphasis will be placed on creating new costume and historical series.

There are significant changes to the framework. Mateusz Matyszkowicz, president of Telewizja Publiczna, announced that he plans to focus on promoting only Polish productions. The fact will probably not please the wide range of fans of Turkish series, which will disappear from the main stations as licensed series.

Turkish series disappear from TVP. The president announces changes

From TVP1 and TVP2, foreign series are to disappear by 2024. Matyszkowicz points out that the plan will not come into force overnight, he also emphasizes that he is not about “collapsing the antenna” with poor productions just because they are Polish. The president of TVP is aware that preparing a good series takes many years of work, but further films set in Polish reality are already in the plans.

Our ambition is that the main antennas, i.e. Jedynka and Dwójka, will ultimately have no licensed series at all. Not because I don’t like them or because I condemn them. It rather results from the answer to the question of what public funds are to be used for. In my opinion, they are to serve the Polish viewer who is supposed to watch the product that is created here. As they say: “good, because Polish” – quote the president of TVP Wirtualne Media.

At the beginning of the year, Matyszkowicz mentioned that TVP had a huge viewership when it reminded Polish hits such as “Nights and Days” or “Nad Niemnem”. However, there will also be news on public television.

Matyszkowicz focuses on Polish series. By 2024, licensed productions will disappear from TVP

Already on March 19, Jedynka will debut the costume production “Hunting for Moths”, based on the novel by Wacław Holewiński. The president of TVP admitted at a meeting with journalists that he was delighted with the story about Poles living under Russian partition. He is even more pleased that the book has been adapted to the screen.

Another Polish production – soap opera – will be shown on TVP at the end of 2023. Currently, there is no information about the plot or cast of the series, but Wirtualne Media has determined that the picture will replace the Turkish series “Elif” in the schedule. In turn, in the summer of 2023, the shooting of “Matylda”, a series based on the script by Ilona Łepkowska, is to begin. It will be set in the second half of the 19th century and will tell the story of a certain teacher.

We are moving towards a Polish series, this will become a very important element of the strategy of the entire company. We will want to invest heavily in the series, emphasizes the president of TVP.

The schedule of public television is already full of these formats. On TVP we can watch “The Crusade”, “Commissioner Alex”, “Father Mateusz” or “The Crown of Kings”. Matyszkowicz emphasizes that costume, historical series showing the fate of our compatriots will be favored.

Source: Gazeta

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