canadian singer Justin Bieber has been forced to definitively cancel your tour ‘Justice World Tour’, which included concerts in different countries throughout this year 2023. Although neither the singer nor his manager have officially confirmed it, the dates of the concerts that were to be held in the coming months were deleted this Wednesday from your official website and events such as those in Paris, Dublin or Krakow appear canceled on the ticket sales portal, as reported by the EFE agency.

After numerous postponements, the artist has explained on his social networks that it is due to the Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a disease that paralyzes one side of his face and that he publicly announced last year one day after performing at the Brazilian Rock in Rio festival. “Earlier this year I went public with my battle with Ramsay Hunt syndrome for which my face was partially paralyzed”indicated the singer on social networks.

Still no official confirmation has been made by the artist or his manager, but the dates of the concerts along with the destinations have been permanently removed from the official Justin Bieber website. In addition, some spaces where the concerts were to take place, such as the Sheffield Arena in the United Kingdom, have already publicly announced that “the show has been canceled“and that the money for the purchase of tickets will be returned soon.

The tour of this 2023 began in Dublin (Ireland) and ended in Copenhagen. International sales promoters have already started contacting buyers to resolve this. The Spanish agency already explained at the time that there would be no shows by the international artist in Madrid or Barcelona during this country during 2023.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the artist has postponed his tour numerous times ‘Justice Word Tour’ and after numerous postponements and cancellations this year it seems to be canceled indefinitely. The tour that bears the name of the album has been postponed up to two times and since September 2022 there were suspicions about the possible cancellation of the tour. It’s not the first time he’s done it: his previous tour, the ‘Purpose World Tour’ in 2017, was also canceled mid-term due to “unexpected circumstances.”

How Ramsay Hunt’s disease affects Justin Bieber

As the artist declared on his social networks, Ramsay’s disease is making it impossible for him to do his job. “As you can see, this eye doesn’t blink. I can’t smile on this side of the face. This nostril does not move and I have total paralysis on one side of my face,” the artist explained in a video. The syndrome he suffers from is Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a viral infection that affects the nerves of the face and causes paralysisas well as irritation.

This condition appears with same virus as varicella-zoster in adults and rarely in children. The symptoms can be various and depend a lot on the person, but mostly it is capable of affecting the nerves of the face and causing one of its sides to become paralyzed. other patients They may present symptoms such as ear pain, hearing loss and even loss in the ability to perceive the sense of taste.

The nature of the virus causes it to appear in people who they have already had chickenpox and has the ability to reactivate over time when the immune system is weakened. It belongs to the same family as the virus chickenpox and the Herpes zoster or ‘shingles’, and can only be treated through a cocktail of drugs that usually includes intravenous or oral acyclovir, pain relievers and corticosteroids, according to scientists.