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Thailand will issue yellow and red cards to violating tourists

Thailand will issue yellow and red cards to violating tourists

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Phuket Island in Thailand has launched a new system for tracking the offenses of foreign tourists, according to ThePhuket News. The system refers to the rules of football, where players are given colored cards and removed from the field.

Prapansak Prasansuk, Major General of the Immigration Service of the Thai province, told reporters that a foreigner who is convicted of any violations of the order will receive a yellow card. The corresponding notification will be sent to the embassy of his state. At the same time, the tourist will be able to continue his vacation in Phuket, but next time he will not be allowed into Thailand.

In case of a second misconduct, the guest will receive a red card and will be immediately deported.

The representative of the immigration service did not specify what kind of violations would lead to yellow and red cards, but announced the statistics for what actions foreigners most often come to the attention of the Thai police. The most common violations include riding mopeds and motorcycles without a helmet, not having a driver’s license, theft, and working for local tour companies without official permission from the Thai immigration authorities.

Phuket Police urged residents of the province to actively cooperate with law enforcement and report violations of the law by foreigners. Officials hope that in this way they will be able to increase the tourist attractiveness of the region.

Source: Rosbalt

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