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This color is a HIT for women over 50!  Rejuvenates and subtly illuminates.  Perfect for spring

This color is a HIT for women over 50! Rejuvenates and subtly illuminates. Perfect for spring

In the coming months, it is worth choosing colors that make you look younger and more rested. Among the hottest colors of 2023 there is a shade that looks great in spring and summer stylizations.

Bright clothes, especially those worn near the face, i.e. jackets, shirts, blouses or scarves reflect the light beautifully, making the face look more rested. It is worth reaching for them if we want our stylization to gain freshness. Among the hottest trends for 2023 was the “vanilla girl” style promoted on TikTok and Instagram.

“Vanilla girl” is to focus on comfort in a stylish edition this season, she reaches for soft and comfortable clothes that look very chic. This style will be great not only for young girls, but also mature ladies who want to try something new.

Cream clothes for women over 50. Perfect for spring

Whitened shades of beige, caramel or ivory worn from head to toe are a simple recipe for an effective styling. Monochrome sets look extremely stylish, even if they consist of clothes with a slightly sporty style. Beige trousers in a duet with a bright sweater or shirt will prove themselves as a spring styling for work. It is worth putting on a classic trench coat and choosing fashionable loafers or sports sneakers to break the elegance.


Monochrome sets for spring. Great for adults, but not only

Sporty stylizations with tracksuits or knitted trousers in the lead role can look really impressive. All you have to do is combine them with a blouse, top or cardigan in a similar shade and choose accessories in the same color tone. Sets of this type are great for everyday use – on the one hand comfortable, on the other stylish.

Women’s suit – the hit of 2023. Perfect for larger outings and events

Suits are one of the hottest hits of the last few seasons. They work great as an alternative to a dress or overalls, they are perfect for work, and those made of flowing materials are also everyday. A suit in a shade of beige, cream or off-white is an interesting proposition for spring celebrations, it can be successfully worn for Easter, baptism or communion.


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