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iPhone found a dangerous vulnerability

iPhone found a dangerous vulnerability

ComputerWeekly: Vulnerability in iPhone and Mac Allowed Spying on Users

Experts from the Trellix agency have discovered a dangerous vulnerability in Apple devices. It is reported by ComputerWeekly.

According to the experts of the organization, the group of vulnerabilities is associated with the ForcedEntry exploit, which was discovered back in September 2021. The spyware exploit was used by the NSO Group to run its Pegasus software, which allowed full access to users’ smartphones.

Experts have found that based on the old vulnerability in iOS and macOS, new methods of attacking iPhone and Mac consumers can be organized – despite the fact that Apple has fixed the problem with ForcedEntry. So, an attacker can afford to execute certain code, hack equipment and gain access to all the data of the victim.

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The researchers called the current problem in Apple gadgets “an entirely new class of vulnerabilities.” However, Trellix emphasized that they informed the American company about the problem, and that eliminated the system gaps. Bugs have been fixed in macOS 13.2 and iOS 16.3. “Recognizing and engaging the security research community is an important component of a comprehensive software security initiative,” said Jonathan Knudsen, global director of Synopsys Cybersecurity Research.

In July 2022, Apple announced the appearance of a protective mode on devices that will limit the ability to access gadgets. “Lockdown mode” can be useful for users who may be at risk of highly targeted cyberattacks.

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