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Po³omski’s modest grave will undergo a radical metamorphosis. There is one point of contention

he was a legend of the Polish stage. The artist’s hits were known and sung by all of Poland. The artist died in November 2022, almost two months after his 89th birthday. He spent the last years of his life at the Home of Veteran Artists in Skolimów.

Jerzy Połomski is dead. The singer’s modest grave will undergo a metamorphosis

The artist passed away in a Warsaw hospital. Połomski’s manager informed the media that the singer had an infection and his body could not cope with the infection. Doctors fought for the artist’s life to the end, unfortunately, they could not do anything more.

November 23, 2022 in the Church of St. Krzyża near Krakowskie Przedmieście, relatives and fans of the artist could say goodbye to Połomski during the mass. After the ceremony, the mourners went to the Powązki Cemetery. The singer was buried in the family grave in Aleja Zasłużonych, and the funeral was of a state nature.

It’s been over two months since the event. The singer’s grave is still very modest, but besieged. Violetta Lewandowska emphasizes that fans of Połomski visit the cemetery very often. All the more she wants the artist’s tombstone to be as durable and effective as possible.

The grave of Jerzy Połomski will be decorated with a beautiful tombstone. One point of contention remained

“The final discussions on the design of Jerzy’s tombstone are underway. All this would have been a bit earlier, but unfortunately we have the flu season and therefore the work has been delayed a bit. Now, however, I hope that the tombstone will be ready in two or three months. We stick to the idea of ​​using thick glass. There will be Jerzy’s profile and a microphone on it. In addition, there will be a traditional plate at the bottom, “quotes Lewandowska Fakt.pl.

So far, however, the final decision on the color of the glass has not been made. The designer proposed a solution that Połomski’s manager does not fully accept.

“The designer proposed dark glass, which reflected nicely. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want it to be a gloomy tombstone, because Jerzy was an optimist with a smile looking at the world. So I’m leaning towards a light version, made of ivory glass ” – says Lewandowska.

Source: Gazeta


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