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More and more consecrated virgins in Poland. Their husband is Jesus

According to the Catholic Information Agency, recently Catholic organizations have observed a significant increase in the forms of consecrated life. Currently, there are 398 consecrated virgins in our country. For comparison, in December 2021 there were 362 and in December 2019 – 322.

Most virgins are consecrated in the Archdiocese of Kraków (57), Warsaw (36) and Gdańsk (29). Women who have never been married or who have never lived publicly, that is, openly, in a state “opposite to chastity” are admitted to consecration. It is worth mentioning that there are almost as many consecrated widows (397) and only one widower.

consecrated virgins. Their husband is Jesus

The first consecrated virgin in Poland was Zofia Prochownik from Krakow. She took her vows on October 12, 1991. She was 40 at the time. As she recalled, she had been preparing for this internally for a long time – since the time she studied theology.

Receiving consecration means committing one’s life to virginity. In the Church, it is an individual form of women’s consecrated life. The rite of consecration is performed by the ordinary of the diocese. It can be received by lay women and nuns.

The legal and canonical definition of consecration in the case of women is included in can. 604 of the Code of Canon Law. Agnieszka Cichowicz said in an interview with WP about what it really means in practice: – Our state has no specific goal to achieve. It is about being a person devoted to God, but living in the world […] she explained.

According to Karolina, who became a consecrated virgin some time ago, this is an ideal form of life for today’s turbulent and difficult times. The lives of all of them are similar, because although they have different jobs, the most important are daily prayer, meditation, reading the Holy Bible and the Eucharist. You can read the whole report, in which Karolina’s story was described, here:

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Source: Gazeta


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