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She has five children and big breasts. She admits that she doesn’t like wearing a bra. “People are staring!”

Crystal Milutinovic from Ohio has five children. The woman regularly publishes recordings on TikTok, in which she shares her experiences with and everyday life. In one of the videos, she confessed that she would like to stop wearing a bra, but people would say that because of her large breasts it is not appropriate.

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The mother of five doesn’t like wearing a bra. She confessed that she faced the lack of social acceptance

Crystal touched on a problem that more and more women are paying attention to in the video. It happens that society negatively perceives women with large breasts who leave the house without a bra on. In a short film, the woman gave examples of reactions that can be encountered. In the description, she also confessed that since she was in high school, she was told to cover up when she was only wearing a T-shirt.

You have big breasts, that’s different, you need to wear a bra!

You can not!

They’re dangling you!

People are staring!

It’s so inappropriate.

Crystal shook her head, indicating that she disagreed with such comments. Finally, she pointed out that it is worth normalizing not wearing a bra, regardless of breast size.

Internet users expressed their support in the comments. Many believe that not wearing a bra is a woman’s individual decision

Internet users expressed their opinions in the comments. Many people indicated that they also had to face a similar problem and lack of acceptance. They also pointed out that everyone should wear what they feel best in and should not be judged because of it.

‘But they will move’ Oh no… People will notice that my body is real. How will I deal with it?

Yes. Let’s normalize people who look like people.

I believe people should do what they feel best about. Without judging. I only wear bralettes now, they are much more comfortable for me.

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