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These twins share everything. They even try to get pregnant with the same partner at the same time

Although their relationship seems strange, twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque do not care about any criticism. The sisters and their common partner have been trying to have a baby for several months. As they admit, they want to get pregnant at the same time.

They are trying for a child with the same partner. Their fate is followed by a television crew

The DeClinque sisters want to share everything, every object and every experience. For this reason, they have in common with whom they have been trying to get pregnant for several months. The 35-year-olds take part in the TLC show “Extreme Sisters”. The film crew follows their fate and their joint efforts to have a child. – Getting pregnant at the same time is our dream – Australian women.

However, their love triangle is not the strangest idea. Women, trying to prepare for the challenges of motherhood, do not part with their dolls. They wear them literally everywhere, and their every move is tracked by the camera’s eye.

They have been trying to get pregnant for several months. “We have to experience it together”

The women admitted that their first attempt at getting pregnant together didn’t go as planned. Despite this, they are determined in their efforts. We haven’t done a pregnancy test before. It’s really magical that such a small thing can confirm that you are pregnant – they admitted on the air of the program – We are 35 years old. We want to have children now. We have to experience it together. kBoth women are aware that with each passing year their chances of getting pregnant decrease. For this reason, soon after the first attempt, they made another one.

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