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Seniors have reason to be happy. That’s for sure! There will be a 14th pension in 2023. How much will it be?

For the first time, the 14th pension was paid in 2021 as additional and one-time assistance for seniors. Despite initial assumptions, she also returned a year later. At the beginning of this month, the government promised that also in 2023 seniors can count on an additional cash injection, and the “fourteen” itself will permanently enter the calendar of payments from the Social Insurance Institution.

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14. retirement 2023. Can seniors count on it also this year?

The year 2023 brings many changes and news for . Not only are they waiting for a record increase in benefits, a higher threshold entitling them to receive 500 plus for a senior, or a senior citizen ID card in an electronic version, but also another 14th pension. In early January, the government announced that it was working on a law that would make this benefit permanent.

Additional benefits in the form of the 13th and 14th pensions are a solution that we have introduced to make life better for seniors. The government plans to pay these benefits also in 2023.

– we can read on the site . When will seniors receive an additional benefit in the form of “fourteen”?

14. pension 2023. When will it be paid and how much can it be?

– As promised by President Kaczyński, we will soon submit this draft for government work, and then to the Sejm. So that the legislative process can be completed by the end of the first quarter, so that the 14th pension is guaranteed – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during a conference in early January.

In an interview with “”, Stanisław Szwed, Deputy Minister of Family and Social Policy, revealed that the first payments are to be made in the last week of August, as last year. – The limit is to be the same as before, i.e. PLN 2,900 – he added. Importantly, the “fourteen” is to be paid ex officio. This means that seniors do not have to submit any applications. The good news is that this year’s payouts will be higher. According to current forecasts, they will amount to PLN 1,588.44 gross, i.e. PLN 1,445.48 net, but to be 100% sure, wait for the March one.

Source: Gazeta


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