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This is probably the most touching fairytale scene you’ll ever see.  “Til I cried”

This is probably the most touching fairytale scene you’ll ever see. “Til I cried”

Pixar is the undisputed champion in the world of animation. The productions created by the label’s creators can not only entertain, but also move. One scene from the movie is particularly memorable.

“Departure”. One of the next great Pixar productions

“Up” is an American animated film, which premiered in 2009. The production was created in cooperation with the studio and turned out to be another great hit among both small and adult viewers. The story was written by Ronnie del Carmen and directed by Pete Docter. The film has won many awards and even competed for an Oscar statuette in as many as five categories. In the end, “Up” received two awards: the American Film Academy for the best original score and the best animated feature film.

The most poignant scene in the history of fairy tales. The prologue of “Departure” captures the heart

The prologue of “Departure”, which introduces us to the poignant life story of the main character. The beginning of the fairy tale shows the life of Carl Fredricksen and his love for his beloved wife, Ellie. A short flashback, lasting just over 4 minutes, shows first the beginnings of their relationship, and then the life difficulties they had to face as a married couple. Although there are many moving moments during the film, the creators left the most difficult ones for the end. The moment when Ellie dies without fulfilling her greatest dream, and Carl returns alone to an empty house, is exceptionally heartbreaking. The poignant tone of the whole is emphasized by the classical music by Michael Giacchino, which accompanies the beginning of the animation.

Under the fragment of the scene shared on the YouTube platform, there were comments of touched Internet users.

Very real and alive. There are many such marriages. Life itself.

The moment when Ellie dies was so scary that I cried

– netizens wrote.

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