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20 years ago Waldemar Goszcz died. His partner from the series “Adam i Ewa” added a touching entry

The series “Adam i Ewa” was one of the most popular in Poland. And although it did not last long, because it had only two seasons, it is still fondly remembered. The plot was perhaps not very original, as in every telenovela it was about love and struggle against adversity. However, the complicated relationship between Adam and Eve was moving and millions of viewers cheered them on. As it turns out, the chemistry between the actors also had an impact on their private lives. They became genuine friends and this continued after the recordings were over. Until the tragic accident in which the actor died.

The series “Adam and Eve” brought him great recognition. His career was cut short by a tragedy

The death of Waldemar Goszcz shocked Poland. He was only 30 years old. Before becoming an actor, he tried his hand at modeling. No wonder, because he was also known for his beauty. So much so that his agent just spotted him on the street and offered to help him develop his career. He participated in fashion shows, appeared in advertising campaigns. However, he gained the greatest recognition thanks to his role in the series “Adam i Ewa” o has since become one of the most beloved actors. The series was broadcast from 2000 to 2002. Waldemar and Katarzyna got along perfectly on the set, but also outside of it. Only a year later, Waldemar died in a car accident. He rode together with Radosław Pazura and Filip Siejka, who survived the accident, although with significant injuries. Waldemar died on the spot.

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It’s been 20 years, but my friend still remembers. The post sparked an avalanche of comments

On January 24, 20 years have passed since the death of the actor. Katarzyna Chrzanowska reminded about it in her moving post on Facebook. She started perversely by saying that he would probably have his own official profile, fans and haters now.

By your sudden departure, you deprived them of the opportunity to criticize, among others, your aging and other numerous faults, because you left yourself young and beautiful and that’s how everyone remembers you. Your achievements would also be admired, because you promised a good boy, you had energy and ideas for a hundred and I am sure that you would do a lot of good things for this world.

She went on to write about her life choices, including the so-called career she had abandoned, and the fact that she was close to meeting him and her late husband. She added that she was literally inundated with photos and messages from fans, who still remember him.

Honestly, sometimes I think that if you were here and they were tempted to continue “Adam and Eve” we would have a lot of fun … We could joke together, laugh like old times, because that’s what I miss the most …

This entry was full of comments from people who also warmly remember both the actor and the series.

Source: Gazeta


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