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A surprising function of a vegetable peeler that few people know about. “It never crossed my mind”

A fruit peeler is a popular item that can be found in many kitchens. It turns out that the equipment has two functions that few people are aware of. Thanks to them, peeling can be carried out much faster and without unnecessary effort. Check how it works.

An additional skewer in the peeler will help get rid of the unsightly problem. Try it out

you can find many peelers. It turns out that manufacturers are coming up with newer and newer facilities that help in peeling more efficiently. Y-shaped peelers, which usually have a small skewer attached to the blade, are very popular. Thanks to it, you can easily peel citrus fruits and pick out ugly eyes from potatoes. Clever significantly speeds up the peeling of vegetables and fruits.

Hidden peeler feature you didn’t know about. You will peel vegetables and fruits twice as fast

It turns out that an additional skewer is not the only convenience that can be found in a peeler. Some also have double-sided blades – thanks to them you can peel your favorite vegetables vigorously, quickly and effortlessly. All you have to do is move the item up and down and the skin will come off without too much trouble. Tiktoker @clairebanayad in 2020 shared a short video on TikTok showing how to do it. The video has already gained over 6 million views. Internet users praised the trick in the comments and admitted that they had no idea about it before.

I am literally stunned. It never occurred to me.

I can’t wait to try it.

Seriously? So you’re telling me I can peel potatoes twice as fast?

Great idea! I learned something new today.

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