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Mroczek made a mistake by revealing the fact about his character in “M jak Mi³o¶æ”. After 22 years!

“M jak Mi³o¶æ” is one of the most watched Polish series. It has been present in the TVP2 schedule for over 22 years – it has been broadcast since November 4, 2000. At its peak, it was watched by over 12 million viewers. Many Poles associate the characters of the twins Paweł and Piotr Zduński, played by Marcin and Rafał Mroczek. Although it seems that fans of the series have learned almost everything about them for almost 1,700 episodes, the actors shared an unpublished tidbit about their characters on social media.

One fact came to light after 22 years

So far, the writers of the series have not revealed the fictitious date of birth of the Zduński brothers. This information surprised the Mroczeks themselves and they decided to pass it on to their followers. On the official Instagram profile, Marcin Mroczek published a photo from the plan of the new episodes of “M jak Miłość”. It shows the twins in the courtroom, which suggests that the heroes are facing a groundbreaking dispute – one of them will act as a lawyer to help the other. In the description, the actor referred not only to the fictitious bond between the characters, but also to the one existing in private life.

We always have an argument about which gets the other out of trouble more often. We will not decide this alone, because everyone has their own reasons. One thing is for sure. Having a twin brother you live a double life and you can’t complain about boredom.

– we read in the description.

Pawel Zdunski hasn’t been born yet?

It turned out that it was the court files prepared for the episode that were the pretext to reveal the brothers’ birth dates.

Today I found out thanks to Paweł’s troubles when my hero was born. Who’s curious?

– asked the followers Marcin Mroczek. The answer was published by his brother, Rafał, who also shared photos from the set.

I’ve been waiting for this information for over 22 years. January 26, 2984

– he wrote. The attention of the fans more than the announcement of the next episodes of “M jak Miłość” was caught by the record of the date – the followers correctly noticed that Mroczek suggested that his character had not yet been born – instead of 1984 there is 2984. The actor responded to the comments with distance and decided that Paweł just a special case. He also added that he identified with Paweł Zduński, whom he described as “a lucky man who always gets into trouble”.

Source: Gazeta


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