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Violence against women, here is a list of movies and series that address this reality

Violence against women, here is a list of movies and series that address this reality

the victims of gender violence has a human face and in most cases they are women. Various stories, some based on real events and others fictional, but which are not far from reality either, have been brought to the screen through series or movies.

Being a victim of abuse has nothing to do with a lack of intelligence or strength, say specialists

Here are some of them that are available in streaming:

lost girls (2020): Mari Gilbert is a mother desperate to find her missing daughter. Seeing how little interest the authorities have in her case, she decides to search on her own for her daughter Shannan, who was last seen on Long Island. But in the process of finding her daughter, she comes across other cases of murders of sex workers, who had disappeared long before. The film is based on the book Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery by Robert Kolker. Available on Netflix.

Never more (2002): The film stars Jennifer Lopez, who plays Slim Hiller, a waitress who marries a wealthy man. After her marriage, her daughter Grace is born, apparently everything is going well, but everything changes when Slim discovers worrying situations of her husband. Soon he becomes an aggressor, so to save himself, along with his daughter, he runs away from home. Available on Netflix.

things to clean (2021): In this ten-episode miniseries, the main character is Alex, a woman who lives with her partner and the father of her daughter, little Maddy. After several years of living with him, she decides to leave him, after he behaved very violent one night. While he was sleeping, during the night she runs away with Maddy to get to safety, but when she reorganizes herself, she will also face some obstacles to restart her life. Available on Netflix.

Fire night (2021): The Mexican film is about three friends who grew up together in a small town in the mountains where poppies are grown. The environment in which they live is full of violence and their mothers will do everything possible to protect them. Available on Netflix.

in the land of men (2005): Charlize Theron plays Josey, a single mother who returns to her hometown. As part of her new start, she looks for a job and precisely goes to a space that is dominated by men, to some iron mines, where she will be discriminated against for being a woman and she is also a victim of sexual harassment. . Available on HBO Max and Apple TV.

The murder of Kim Wall (2022): This is a documentary, which is divided into two parts, in which the disappearance and murder of journalist Kim Wall is reviewed, as well as the trial of her murderer. Available on HBO Max.

the color purple (1985): Celie, 14, is the main character in this film. She is pregnant by her own father. On the way from adolescence to adulthood, Celie’s life will be full of suffering. She is set in the early 20th century. Available on Apple TV and on HBO Max.

The pack (2020): This series focuses on Blanca Ibarra, a student, who is the leader of a feminist movement. Blanca disappears in the middle of a protest by students who accuse a teacher of sexual abuse of a student. Later, she appears in a video in which she is being raped by a group of men goes viral, which will generate impotence and they will undertake the search for the young woman and justice. Available on Prime Video.

The room (2015): Joey is a mother who is dedicated to taking care of her little five-year-old son, Jack. Her life is not normal, because they remain trapped in a bedroom they call ‘the room’. The critical thing about this situation is that she spends in that room after being kidnapped when she was 19 years old. She has been held captive for seven years. Available on Prime Video and Apple TV.

Sleeping with the enemy (1991): Julia Roberts plays Laura, a wife who will fake her death and, through a new identity, puts together a plan to escape her violent husband. Available on Disney+. (YO)

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