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Antamina suspends operations due to strike in mining corridor

The mining company Antamina announced the suspension of its operations, in the midst of the indefinite strike that a group of the peasant community of Aquia abide by, a district located in the province of Bolognesi, in Áncash, which has implied that one of the routes of the mining corridor is taken.

In a statement released this Sunday, October 31, the firm assured that they will prioritize the safety, life and health of people over what has been happening since last October 28, if the appropriate conditions are not given to continue operating.

“As long as the conditions are not met, we cannot continue operating. The safety, life and health of all, without exception, is the most important thing for Antamina ”, the letter highlighted.

“We believe that there are no guarantees to develop our productive work or to continue working on projects and works for development in our area of ​​operational influence,” said the leading company in the Peruvian mining sector.

Along the same lines, the company assured that they have appealed to dialogue and the search for understanding. “We have expressed our willingness to listen, address concerns and answer questions. We have reached out in search of agreements and they have responded with false accusations ”.

In addition, they claimed to be the object of violent actions and to receive threats of generating more violence; due to “alliances between bad leaders to continue generating disturbances of social peace.”


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