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Gasohol 84, Diesel 2, LPG for cars and gasoline 84 and 90 will enter the Stabilization Fund

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The Executive announced this afternoon that it will include the 84 octane gasoholas well as at 84 and 90 gasoline, the Diesel 2 S-50 and the LPG-G (assorted in taps, for cars), in the Petroleum Derived Fuel Price Stabilization Fund (FEPC), in order to stop the international fuel escalation that affects our country.

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Through a conference of the Council of Ministers, the head of Economy and Finance, Óscar Graham, specified that the inclusion of the first three will be for three months, after which their continuity will be reviewed.

“Through the FEPC, we are adding fuels that are widely used by lower-income segments, such as 84-octane gasoline, 90-octane gasoline, and 84-octane gasohol. This will be for three months and then we will evaluate its continuity ”, he sent.

Likewise, the head of the MEF said that he will delay the update of the Diesel price band for a month, which should mark a rise of at least S / 1 per gallon sold to carriers in March.

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“We are postponing the update of the FEPC Diesel price band until the end of April, because if we updated it to March it would have meant an abrupt increase of up to S/ 1 per gallon. We are also incorporating Diesel 2 in the FEPC, as well as LPG-G (assorted in taps for cars) in order to mitigate the impact of the international increase”, he stated.

Vale FISE will be 25 soles

On the other hand, Minister Óscar Graham announced that the Vale FISE will go from 20 to 25 soles, as the Peruvian Liquefied Gas Society (SPGL) had proposed a few weeks ago, with the aim of reaching 800,000 new homes, affected by inflation. and the increase in the cost of the main supply for cooking.

“We are taking targeted and temporary measures. The first is to increase the gas balloon voucher from 20 to 25 soles, which will benefit about 800,000 low-income families nationwide, including the contribution to popular kitchens, ”he indicated.

Another of the recommendations that the Executive takes from the SPGL is the modification of the band updating methodology for LPG, although not at 2% as had been proposed by the union to contain the price of the kitchen LPG ball.

“Regarding the changes in the operation of LPG in the FEPC, it was time for an increase of up to 10% and what we are doing is mitigating so that this rebound is temporarily only 3.5%”, he confirmed.

Source: Larepublica

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