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They fear an increase in food prices in markets

Roberth Orihuela Q.

The increase in fuel, attributed to the war between Russia and Ukraine, is hitting everyone’s pockets, but especially carriers. Magno Salas Montiel, representative of the Arequipa National Association of Transporters and Drivers (GNTC-Arequipa) and president of the Arequipa Taps Association, indicated that they will ask the government of Pedro Castillo Terrones increase the subsidy amount of the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund (FEPC). This in order to avoid the increase in the prices of basic necessities.

Since Thursday, the price of fuel has risen by up to 3 soles in some taps. For example, the cost of a gallon of 95-octane gasoline is already above S/ 21, while a gallon of 90-octane gasoline is around S/ 20. This means an increase of more than 50% with respect to the prices that were handled until the middle of last year, when 95 gasoline did not exceed 13 soles.

Cristobal Huayapa Mamani, president of the commercial platform of Río Seco, warned that freight rates have increased by 10%. “Especially in the products that arrive from distant places, with trips of between 3 and 4 days. We talk about fruits, mainly,” he said.

The increase in freight by cargo carriers is questionable. According to Petroperuboth Diesel, which is used by truckers, and LPG, have not registered an increase.

Regarding the increase, the leader of Río Seco indicated that the merchants have not yet raised the final prices to the public. “The cost of fruit is being maintained, because we must continue with social prices. Mainly, because we can’t let them go to waste. At least we have to recover the capital”, added the trader.

Huayapa Mamani stated that the products that have already suffered an increase are groceries. “As these don’t go bad, traders are already starting to speculate. That is wrong. Last week the price of a bag of rice was 135 soles, but now they want to sell it for up to 200 soles. They are putting the products away because they sure think the prices will keep going up,” she explained.


An early solution, said Magno Salas, would be for the Government to increase the FEPC. “Currently, this fund had S/ 550 million, but I think it is time to increase it. How much? The specialists have to see that. We will send the proposal to the president and we hope that a decision will be made soon. Nor can we say that fuel will continue to rise, but it is the trend. A few days ago it reached 129 dollars per barrel, but yesterday it reached 112 dollars. A far cry from last year’s $80 anyway,” he maintained.

Source: Larepublica


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