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Fonavi: Executive Power proposes to return from S/ 420 to S/ 700

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After the Executive Branch observed on February 11 the autograph of the law that guarantees the return of contributions to the National Housing Fund (Fonavi), only yesterday the Government approved the counterproposal that will be presented to the Congress of the Republic.

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This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Oscar Graham, who explained that the proposal “is a solution that seeks to recognize the contributions of the Fonavistas and in turn allows immediate availability of money.”

Along these lines, he explained that, if the Government’s initiative is approved, the average amount to be returned to each Fonavista would be from S/ 420 to S/ 700, which would reach the 1.8 million Fonavistas registered in the registry.

“Based on the lists of fonavistas that exist to date and that contain the dates of contributions, it will be allowed to make an immediate return with cash funds from Fonavi. The average would be around S/ 420 to S/ 700”, explained Graham Yamahuchi at a press conference.

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However, the head of the MEF clarified that said amount would be a payment on account of the fonavista, so if the contributor shows that his return should be greater, the Government will also recognize it.

“It depends on cash availability. It is a payment on account; if the fonavista proves that his return is S / 1,000 or S / 4,000, it will be returned to him, it is payment on account with the information we already have and will facilitate liquidity for the fonavistas who have contributed, ”he pointed out.

It is worth clarifying that the Government’s proposal only seeks to return what was contributed by the Fonavistas, which would amount to S / 6,600 million. While the contributions of the employer and the State, which reach S/ 36,000 million, are not contemplated in said alternative.

Fonavistas reject proposal

For the president of the National Federation of Fonavistas, Luis Luzuriaga, the MEF proposal is unconstitutional, since they are putting limits on the refund that corresponds to the Fonavistas.

“What has to be returned is what was actually collected from the worker’s remuneration and what his employer contributed, on that it must be returned. They cannot say that they will return S/ 400 or S/ 700, they have to do it based on what each one contributed and that has been said by the Constitutional Court,” the leader told La República.

Along these lines, Luzuriaga considers that the MEF is obstinate in denying them the right to property, since they do not seek to return what the Constitutional Court has ordered.

“The TC said that both contributions are returned, but one is returned directly and the other contribution is returned to a fund to be housing for the Fonavistas, because both are private money,” he said.

Congress would bet on the insistence

The president of the Parliament’s Economy Commission, Silvia Monteza, announced that next Wednesday, February 9, the opinion is scheduled with the observations made by the Executive regarding the return of Fonavi.

Luis Luzuriaga announced that Congresswoman Monteza told the Fonavistas that they will go because of the insistence of the norm, that is, they would not consider the Executive’s proposal. This is due to the fact that Parliament wants the Government to pay the social debt. “The MEF knows that it has been scheduled for Wednesday and that is why they have made that hasty decision,” said Luzuriaga.

Source: Larepublica

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