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LIVE exchange rate: look at the price of the dollar TODAY, Sunday, February 13

Price of the dollar in Peru today, Sunday February 13. The greenback closed the day on Friday, February 11, at 3.776 soles, according to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP), which represented an increase of 0.96% compared to the close of the day on Thursday, February 10 ( S/ 3,7400). In addition, according to the portal Bloomberg the currency is located with a value of S/ 3.7752.

It was during the second week of February that the exchange rate fell below the S/ 3.80 barrier for the first time in the Pedro Castillo government, and could continue to decline, according to forecasts by the Central Bank of Peru Reserve (BCRP). Adrián Armas, Central Manager of Economic Studies at the BCRP, explained that this is because our country has a context favourable, which is reflected in the tall prices of the products we export and this makes the Peruvian sol stronger; however, this was not previously evidenced by the uncertainty that there was by COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) reported that the terms of trade index reached the historical maximum value of 115.4 in 2021. This was due to higher export prices, whose index registered the value of 156. Meanwhile, import prices had an index of 135.2. “The terms of trade had an average annual increase of 11.8% in 2021, the highest growth rate in the last eleven years”specified the highest issuing entity.

Live: price of the dollar, exchange rate today, Sunday February 13 for buying and selling

The price of the interbank dollar

In the interbank market, the currency handles the following prices:

The dollar stands at S/ S/ 3.7752, according to Bloomberg

The price of the dollar today, Sunday, February 13, is at S/ 3.7752, according to Bloomberg reports at 7:35 am

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