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Second Agrarian Reform: The Cabinet for Agrarian and Rural Development is created

The Executive power formalized the creation of the Multisectoral Commission called “Cabinet of Agrarian and Rural Development”, as part of the interventions contained in the “Plan of Action for Agrarian and Rural Development” in order to promote the development of 2.2 million small producers in the country.

This multisectoral cabinet will be headed by President Pedro Castillo Terrones, Ministers of State and regional and local authorities. It also has the function of overseeing compliance with the interventions articulated in the territory in favor of agrarian and rural development at the national, regional and local levels obtained in the “Plan of Action for Agrarian and Rural Development.”


These actions will be carried out within the framework of the Twenty-third State Policy of the National Agreement, called “Agrarian and Rural Development Policy” and the Second Agrarian Reform.

According to Supreme Decree No. 002-2022- MIDAGRI, this cabinet will be composed of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the heads of the ministries of Environment, Foreign Trade, Culture, Development and Social Inclusion, Economy and Finance, Education, Energy and Mines, Foreign Relations.

As well as the ministries of Women and Vulnerable Populations, Production, Transportation and Communications, Housing, Construction and Sanitation, National Assembly of Regional Governments, National Association of Municipalities of Peru (AMPE), and the Network of Urban and Rural Municipalities of Peru.

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Among the main functions of this Cabinet will be to oversee the compliance with the measures taken and the interventions carried out by the sectors in favor of agrarian development on a semi-annual basis. In addition, it will propose the internal regulations to the PCM who will approve it by ministerial resolution.

Likewise, the standard indicates that they will carry out the necessary coordination so that the measures adopted are incorporated in the institutional operating plans and strategic plans of the ministries and public entities. In addition, it will have the power to summon representatives of the entities of the Executive Power, Regional Governments and Local Governments, as well as civil and private sectors.


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