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Can the municipality take away my house if I am not up to date with my property tax?

He breach in the payment of property tax can generate serious consequences for property owners. This tax, essential for the financing of municipal servicesmust be paid annually. However, when this fiscal obligation is not met, the municipality can take drastic measures.

In this context, it is necessary to understand how the system operates. property tax collection and what are the implications of not being up to date with this obligation. This note will address the most important aspects related to property tax, its calculation and the possible consequences of non-payment.

Can my house be taken away if I have a debt with the municipality for not paying the property tax?

The city Hall can not immediately take your home away for a property tax debt. First, it will send notices and demands for payment. If there is no response, a administrative process which culminates in a coercive order. Once issued, the debtor has seven days to pay.

If not complied with, the municipality may seize property such as bank accounts and vehicles. The expropriation of the home is an extreme and rare measure, since the debtor is expected to regularize his situation before reaching that point.

What is property tax and why should everyone pay this tax?

The property tax is a municipal tax which taxes the ownership of real estate. This tax is mandatory for all property owners and its revenue is used to finance local public services and infrastructure works.

This tribute is essential for the development and maintenance of the community, since the funds raised finance services such as park maintenance, public cleaning, citizen security and infrastructure construction.Payment of property tax is, therefore, a civic responsibility that contributes to the general well-being of the community.

In addition, timely payment of property tax avoids legal issues and financial costs for the owners. Non-payment can lead to the accumulation of debts, surcharges and late payment interest, and in extreme cases, to the initiation of coercive collection processes by the municipality.

Find out where you can pay your property tax

To facilitate compliance with this obligation, the municipalities have enabled various shapes and places for the payment of property tax. Owners can make their payments at:

  1. Municipal offices: Municipalities have taxpayer service offices where payments can be made in cash or by debit or credit card.
  2. Banks and financial institutions: Many municipalities have established agreements with banks and other financial institutions to receive property tax payments. These payments can be made at the counter or through the banks’ digital channels.
  3. Online platforms:Some municipalities have implemented online platforms that allow taxpayers to pay property tax from the comfort of their home, using electronic payment methods.
  4. Authorized Agents: In some cases, it is possible to make payment at authorized agents, such as convenience stores and pharmacies that offer municipal tax collection services.

Source: Larepublica

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