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Opinion is approved so that caregivers of dependent family members can enjoy work benefits

Opinion is approved so that caregivers of dependent family members can enjoy work benefits

The Women and Family Commission of the Congress of the Republic, chaired by parliamentarian Milagros Jáuregui of Renovación Popular, unanimously approved last Wednesday, May 15, the opinion that seeks to grant employment benefits to people who provide care to their family members in situation. of dependency.

This proposal brings together bills 4705/2022-CR and 5308/2022-CR, whose authors are congressmen Pedro Martínez and Hilda Portero, respectively. In addition to recognizing caregivers for their work in the family environment, it is proposed that they receive support from the State in terms of health, housing and social security, among others.

Ruling advances to recognize the work of caregivers: what work benefits would they receive?

Unanimously, the Women and Family Commission approved the opinion that seeks to recognize those people who provide care to dependent family members and grant them benefits. This decision was validated by the legislators who met in the extraordinary session last Wednesday, May 15.

According to the legislative proposal that brings together the projects of two Popular Action parliamentarians, its objective is to benefit those who are in charge of helping or assisting people of the family who cannot satisfy themselves.

To this end, the creation of a national registry of people who provide care within the family environment is established, which will be in charge of the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion. In addition, the following benefits are proposed for caregivers:

  • Preferential and timely access to health services, whether in public or private entities.
  • Preferential access to any public housing program, mandatory.
  • Social security: guarantee a decent retirement pension.
  • Protection against all forms of violence or harassment linked to their care work.
  • Relocation or adaptation of the workplace in the public and private sector, tolerance of one hour when entering or leaving the workplace, permits and facilities to attend family care therapies in case of evaluation or medical attention.

What is missing for this ruling to be approved to grant benefits to caregivers?

The opinion approved by the Women and Family Commission, which seeks to grant employment benefits to those people who provide care to their dependent family members, was ready to be debated in the Plenary Session of Congress. However, there remain a series of prior procedures for it to be referred to this instance.

This working group is not the only one empowered to rule. Bills 4705/2022-CR and 5308/2022-CR were also referred to the Constitution and Regulations Commission, which must address and approve it in its next ordinary session. Once both opinions are ready, the Board of Directors will be in charge of defining whether these legislative initiatives will be treated as the agenda of the next Plenary Session.

Likewise, article 78 of the Congress regulations specifies that “no opinion can be debated that has not been published on the Congress website at least seven calendar days before its discussion in the Plenary, unless waived by one of these requirements approved by the Board of Spokespersons”.

In that sense, the legislative proposal requires a simple majority to be approved in the Plenary Session of Congress and after that, the signature of the law may be sent to the Executive Branch, which could observe it or authorize its publication in the newspaper El Peruano.

Source: Larepublica

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